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Bespoke graphics and illustrations for your Web Site or presentations.


All graphics and illustrations are

produced to the highest quality and are provided in Digital format for both PRINT and WEB applications.

Logo Design


If you are a start-up business or an existing business seeking new branding for your website or corporate image, we are able to provide a high quality logo design service producing finished logos in both print and web format.

For further information, please contact us.

Diagrams And Charts


Bespoke diagrams and charts can bring your presentation, web site or print projects to life and convey a high level of professionalism to the viewer.

How Much Will It Cost?


Designing Logos and bespoke graphics, and even diagrams and charts is by definition a creative process. The more time spent at the briefing stage can dramatically reduce the final cost. When it comes to your company Logo this is often the first point of contact your customers have with your business and should convey not only what your business is, but also the spirit and soul of your business.  So the question of cost becomes like the old saying "how long is a piece of string..."  Whilst it is possible to get very basic Logo design for under £25.00 we hope the process we go through will convince you that the budget for your Logo should be a minimum of 10 times that.


For more information contact us.

The Process


•Design & Brief Meeting:

We meet with you and work through your requirements to arrive at a finalised project design brief.



We research your company, your competitors and the industry that you are part of.


•Concept Boards:

We then begin to create sketched ideas and concepts for your logo.  Another Client meeting is held to discuss these concept boards.



Having arrived at an approved design/Concept we then create a more solid finalised look to your logo.


•Fresh Eyes:

Both you and designer are then instructed to put the Mockups aside for at least 7 days before a final meeting is held with fresh eyes and clear minds to evaluate the proposed final Logo.